Leadership and Infrastructure Development

An integral factor in determining a program’s success hinges on providing the management team with a solid understanding of Sigma Science.  Our program includes training targeted for both senior level management and the mid-level managers (project managers) who will be sponsoring projects and selecting candidates for training.

Executive Leadership Training (1-2 Days)

The senior executive course typically includes a conceptual overview, discussion of metrics, roles and responsibilities of the various levels of the organization, importance of integration of initiatives, examples of typical projects, common failure modes, and potential outcomes. The content clearly demonstrates the power of Sigma Science methodologies as applied to various aspects of the business. The goal of this is to provide clear program leadership and support within the organization to drive sustainable results.

Project Management Training (2-3 Days) Operations-level managers are primarily responsible for the selection of individuals to be trained and the projects to be worked. Project leaders and operations managers are positioned to ensure that the organization takes advantage of the process knowledge gained as a result of the project work. This training provides an overview of the tools, but more importantly addresses issues such as project selection and candidate selection.  It also includes a discussion of our training model and the role of managers during Sigma Science deployment.  During the training, we address any business specific issues and discuss the behaviors and disciplines required of mid-level management to support long-term gains from the newly acquired knowledge.  Only through the support at these levels will culture change be driven.  This phase continues throughout the implementation process. Because operations-level management is so critical we believe there should be at least one management class per wave of Engineering courses.  This course is taught prior to (approximately one month) the Engineering level training to optimize results of the project work.

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