Client Services

Client Services

The services offered by Sigma Science Inc. have multiple components integrated into a cohesive framework.  These components are customized for each Client.  In most cases only some of the components are applied at any given time. Typical components include, but are not limited to the following.

Developing an Internally Sustainable Program: The Components

  1. Client Assessment
  2. Leadership & Infrastructure Development
  3. Engineering/Support Training and Short Course offerings
  4. Master Development
  5. Internal Sustainability (Self-sufficiency)
  6. Project specific applications

Using this deployment framework, we have been successful at driving cultural changes throughout organizations while generating significant financial and productivity results.  These successes have largely been due to:

  • Support and involvement of management at multiple levels;
  • Selection of projects based on financial impact, operational opportunity and organizational feasibility;
  • Provisions for an improvement framework applicable across business segments and functions;
  • Matching of employee abilities and organizational positions to training levels;
  • The linking of business objectives to project activity; and
  • Integrating the methodology with other initiatives.

These components are not serial in the deployment of Sigma Science® throughout the organization.    For example, leadership training may continue throughout the deployment lifecycle.

All participants of our training process are provided perpetual support at no additional cost.

The following links provide additional information and insight into our methodology:

Training in a Multi-Industry Environment

The Tools

Note on Software: We have conducted classes where the statistical package was JMP, SAS, Minitab, Statgraphics, Number Cruncher, and Design Ease.  We do not focus our course on software packages so if you have a preference we will work with you to use that.  However, if you have no preference, we recommend JMP by SAS.

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