One Sigma Science (or any initiative) cannot fit all clients, facilities or even engineers needs. As we learn about the participants, their processes & products, our experience and sound understanding of the material allows the modules, content, pace and presentation to be modified as appropriate without compromising our philosophy. We assist companies implement, utilize the tools and techniques of Sigma Science to become more efficient and productive. Our philosophy is to establish Client core competency in the Sigma Science methodology so they become self-sufficient. To this end, we work closely with a limited number of major Clients at any given time. We devote only extremely qualified and experienced consultants (only Principals perform direct Client interface) to support our Clients. We work to understand the needs of the Client, the nature of their processes/products and concurrent initiatives. Material is modified to include appropriate tools and techniques, Client specific examples and the integration of other initiatives (e.g., Lean) to ensure seamless implementation.  Perpetual support of the participants is included.

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