“...you helped us obtain what we thought was impossible and helped us develop a much better mind set (and tool kit) to tackle our problems…thanks”, J.C.

J.C. Anderson, Whirlpool

“You are a very powerful and energetic instructor…..made an impact on me and my way of conducting business and that’s all that matters to me for I am the better of it.”

Christian Miller, MARCA

“I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve brought to Lutron. I still use the tools on a daily basis!”

Jon Roe, Lutron Electronics

“Your instruction in DOE and CoV has been an eye-opening experience for me.  The numerous examples included in the notes help clarify plenty of the concepts.  I was an OFAT person for a long time and this training has really allowed me to re-evaluate my future choice of experiment methodology.”

Vincent Kwan, Sanford

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great training that you provided us over the last few of months.  I have to admit that I went into the training a little skeptical about what I could possibly learn in addition to the 2 black belt certifications that I had already been through…I came out of the training learning a whole lot more than I had initially thought, and I was truly impressed with the material and teaching methods”

Renee Mallory, Boston Scientific

“I really value the training I received during the Sigma Science program, and I believe it has significantly benefitted my career…”

Guy Fujiwara, Abbott

“Despite some frustrations and occasional missteps on our side, you all are making a very positive difference at Newell. Thanks.”

Andrew Downard, Newell Rubbermaid

“I really have come to appreciate how very unique the Sigma Science approach is compared to other Six Sigma and lean training.”

Eric Grey, Cytec Industries 

“Hardly a week goes by I do not have the occasion to say “Remember Bill Ross said….”.  I cannot express how valuable the knowledge and tools you gave me have been to my career.  Thanks and continue your work.”

Tommy VanHorne, Cytec

“I was actually thinking recently how much I appreciated the training you provided and how much it has changed the way I  approach everything within my daily job. So in summary I just wanted to thank you for the skills you taught me.”

Stephanie O’Sullivan, Abbott Vascular

On behalf of the whole Oakley Team, I wanted to extend a huge thank you for the excellent training you provided for us this week. I have received 100% very positive feedback, which does not happen often. I believe the “light” came on for us all, regarding how powerful the methodology and tools are, and also getting an initial understanding of what critical thinking and scientific method really are. Powerful, powerful stuff!”

Carlos Reyes, Oakley

I want you to know, that your students are our best BBs. When compared to the standard 6-Sigma students, your folks do in fact “Eat their lunch”!

Chris Hayes, Jarden









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